Fly Like an Eagle, the cure for the empty nest syndrome

Posted September 3, 2006 by oholem
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This is a very simple and effective cure for the Empty Nest Syndrome.  My children are now in college and the youngest just moved away from home as a college freshman at the University of Texas.  The big house is much bigger and the pictures on the refrigerator start getting more meaningful.  Sound familiar?  They call this the empty nest syndrome.  There is an easy cure for this condition. 

If you start feeling lonely or unhappy due to the children moving on, then just think of this story:  She is a most beautiful lady and an artist.  Her child, a girl, had an illness that prevented her from developing past the mental age of a one year old.  When I met her daughter, the girl was physically about 18 years old.  She was now college age, but confined to a wheel chair.  Her mother would feed her and change her diapers on a regular basis.  Her mother was probably the most patient and caring person that I have ever met and she demonstrated her love in a truly touching fashion. 

Well, herein lies the cure for the “empty nest syndrome.”  What price, what treasure or what sacrifice would this lovely mother give to see her little girl going off to college.  How lucky are you to have a healthy child leaving the nest?  That is all it took to cure me…hope it helps you too.  Of course if this doesn’t work out you can always get a puppy…O.K., I tried that too!  

 Collie Power  

Lassie might be able to save you from the empty nest syndrome…”What’s that girl?  You say Timmy’s kids went off to college?”

May your life, which is part of a much bigger life, be filled with health, happiness, success and peace of mind.